A key sector for our company.
Over time, the chemicals sector has enabled us to become among the sector’s leading courier companies.
We can boast a long reference list of leading manufacturers and traders with which we collaborate for commodities and specialties and fine chemical products.


The experience acquired in the handling of chemicals makes DGF an extremely reliable partner in the management of transportation by land, sea and air that is fully compliant with the international IMO ADR DG guidelines.

We also specialise in the transport of tank containers containing hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. The vehicles we use are equipped with all safety PPE handrails, compressors, hoses, couplings and fittings to meet even the most special needs. For this particular type of transport, we have privileged agreements of space and rates with the main tank heating and washing stations ensuring a steam heating service both in the daytime and at night.

Food & Beverage

A thriving and developing sector.
The import/export management for food & beverage needs both a specific expertise and continuous updating that we possess for the complex management of all the operating/customs operations both nationally and internationally.
From the warehouse logistics management of the individual carton of wine to consultancy of the duty taxes for spirits, from door to door shipping of a pallet of pasta to the shipment of entire containers at a controlled temperature from and to any destination in the world, Delta Global Freightways can be your point of reference.


A sector in which we can boast many years of collaboration with some of the most important Italian manufacturers of high quality components for the automotive industry.
In the course of our activity, we have developed a special attention to the segment related to electric batteries.
In this sense, we are proud to be included among the logistics service providers of the most important leading battery manufacturer in the world.